Water Saving Week 2023 - How we can reduce water waste

Water saving week is a campaign ran by UK based charity Waterwise, seeking to raise awareness about the needs of reducing water waste to manage climate change, maintain environment and assist local communities. The campaign looks to educate people on how being water efficient may help local communities thrive, lower carbon footprint, save money and keep our natural habitat looking green and wonderful. 

How individuals can reduce water waste:

  • Reduce shower time. Try sticking to 5 minutes. The average showerhead uses 12 litres of water per minute, with power showers using around 15 litres. Given that the average shower taken is around 10 minutes long, that’s up to 150 litres of water every time you shower. 


  • Install water saving taps and smart meters that show the amount of water used. 


  • Fix any leaky taps. Although it may seem like a small droplet of water isn't contributing to water wastage, if the tap is constantly leaking for days and weeks the amount of waste can be huge. 


  • Save water gardening. Don’t use fresh water in the garden. Harvest rain water using a water butt or tank. Turn off sprinklers and don't constantly run hoses into the garden.  


  • Use more effective rehydration.. Hydralyte! 75% of people are hydrated, whilst we always recommend drinking more, water alone doesn’t replenish lost electrolytes which help the body retain fluid and are essential for nerve and muscle function. We've all heard that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, it's not because we lose 8 glasses of fluids, it's because not all of it is making it to the bloodstream!