The Hydralyte Story

Hydralyte first launched in Australia in 2001, selling only 1 litre bottles and freezer ice pops. Prior to this the story of oral hydration was as follows: 

1958. Scientists discover the sodium- glucose pump 
1968. Effective oral treatment of dehydration discovered 
1969. The formula was adopted by The World Health Organization 
1978. The Lancet publishes study hailing Oral Rehydration Solutions as potentially the most important medical advance of the 20th century 

Today Hydralyte is still based on the WHO recommended formulation for rehydration. In 2006 and 2010 Hydralyte powders and Effervescent tablets were added to the range of products. 

Between 2001 and 2014 Hydralyte grew to dominate the market in both Australia and New Zealand. By the end of 2014 Hydralyte had over 83% market share and per capita consumption had grown by over 340%. 

Today the market share in the Hydralyte home market is in excess of 90%.

During this period the hydration category had grown from 80% pediatric consumption to 80% adult consumption.

In 2014 Hydralyte sold to Prestige Brands the brand rights for Australia and New Zealand to be able to focus on new markets internationally. 

Hydralyte launched in Canada in 2010 and now has a 30% market share in this territory. The US was launched in 2016 and today Hydralyte is sold on more that 8,000 retail locations across the Country. 

Finally Hydralyte launched in the UK in partnership with HYT UK ltd in 2020. 

With hydration there is a scientifically proven way to deliver your body the fluid it needs to rapidly rehydrate. You need the correct balance of sodium, glucose, and water. 

Although this science was solid, the taste was distinctly unappealing. Hydralyte solved this problem by creating a line of products that deliver on taste without compromising on the science.

The Hydralyte objective was to create a hydration product people would want to use – not only when moderately dehydrated from illness such as the flu, but during all of those other, frequent moments in our daily lives when hydration really matters. Working out in the heat, long-haul flights, over-indulging the night before… there are countless occasions when a real hydration solution makes all the difference.

Hydralyte has created a wide range of products – delivering the conveniences of different formats and the appeal of different flavours while never straying from the science that makes Hydralyte so effective. 

Our team is always working on something new. That’s because here at Hydralyte, everything we do is designed to help people access effective hydration from the products we create. 

True to this Hydralyte this year have launched the all new Electrolyte Powder Sticks. These are 100% natural and dissolve instantly in water. 

As always Hydralyte rehydrates faster than water.

Did you know?

Water or sugary drinks are not as effective as Hydralyte, as they do not restore lost electrolytes (which retain the fluid).