National Sun Awareness week - Tips for enjoying the sun in the coming months

Whilst it might be feeling a bit brisk for May, its National Sun Awareness week. A week that focuses on the need for sun protection in the UK climate, aiming to tackle misconceptions that sun protection is rarely needed here. Here’s our top tips on how to reduce the risks and enjoy the sun more safely in the following months.

Stay in the shade

If sitting for longer periods of times, avoid sitting in direct sunlight particularly if you haven’t got a hat or any protection. If sunbathing try to reduce the time you spend to under 10 mins to reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer. 

Wear suncream/lotion

your sunscreen should be at least SPF15, but higher SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will give more protection. Ensure it has a UVA rating of 4-5 Stars. Reapply regularly, particularly if you enter water or if you’re doing exercise as you can sweat off the sun lotion. 

Eat fruit/vegetables 

Eating food items that are heavy in water content allows for hydration without having to drink a glass of water. Summer is the season for many fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers, peaches, blueberries, and tomatoes, so be sure to enjoy fresh produce while you stay hydrated!

Hydrate regularly

As we spend our time outside in the sun in the coming warm months hydration will be as important as ever as we sweat more and tend to be more active. 6-8 glasses of water is recommended by the NHS or 1.5-2 litres. Always carry a water bottle with you when away from home to be able to hydrate effectively on the move.